Hello! I am Frank, born and raised in Germany, but always thought the world is the limit. Already in my age of 10 I had a large picture-post-card collection as my rooms ‘wall-paper’ and it manifested my dream to explore one day the world.
The problem was: East Germany did not permit traveling outside the communistic borders. I was only left with the choice of escaping the country if I want to pursuit my dreams of working self-employed and traveling the world.

1975 Cleaning the Trabant of my father - a car with a 2 cylinder 2-stroke-engine and 24 horse power.

By age 21 I started losing hope. Under the risk of losing my life or been captured and imprisoned I planned my escape from East Germany, via Hungary (1989 still a communist country) to Austria (western country). Several attempts failed, thankfully without being captured. Finally, I made the escape with the help of two western world guys, who transformed their car’s trunk-rear-seat compartment into a hidden room to fit me. I will be always thankful to those two escape helpers.
From that point on my FREE life started and finally I was able to choose what I do for living or where I like to travel.
I started RV traveling 1990 in Western-Germany with a small 15 feet ‘Buerstner” travel trailer pulled by an 1977 Volkswagen Passat Kombi.
But my RV travel times very limited due to work and winter weather condition.

In 1992 I booked a flight to Florida and a 6 weeks 26 feet C-Class RV-Motorhome rental. It was a very enjoyable time, but only a regular vacation.

Following years, I traveled also other destinations like Caribbean or other European countries, but often I missed the adventure and freedom an RV offers.
1999 I got completely hooked in Florida, started to learn English, opened my internet based business in USA and never returned back to Germany. All I needed for happy housing was again an RV and soon I learned about an auction to possibly buy, with good luck, a travel trailer for a low price. The US-Government/FEMA is helping always people who lost their homes in hurricanes by sending travel trailers down to the affected areas. Months later, those travel trailers are not used anymore and ending in a public auction. Luckily, I was able to place a few bids and ‘won’ a 32 feet, nearly new travel trailer with slide out. Happily, I was back into RV-living! 
Following years I was back to be on the road, enjoying life with my RV trailer. I got amazing offers to park my RV different seasons. Until the day where I thought: “Should I sell my RV and trade it for a boat to live on? That’s what I did in 2012, sold the RV-Trailer and bought a used boat from a private party, a coastal cruiser with full cabin. It was fun, and defiantly an experience. But who was I kidding? I did not even know how to swim… even less how to navigate a boat. And, it's so much smaller than an RV trailer and costly to operate. The following years were adventurous, but more in a way I don’t anticipate. From almost sinking the boat, to stranding on a sandbar, to never ending repairs and continuously things that randomly break. I concluded that I am a ‘land animal’, as much as I like the theory of boating, but it’s not for me. I admire the people who are getting into the adventure of buying a catamaran and sailing around the world.  (Thumbs up to "The Wynns" on YouTube)  Now I know how many things can go wrong on a boat and I am sure that I prefer to pull over with a flat tire on an RV instead having a leaking boat in the middle of an ocean.
In 2015 I sold my boat and started looking at RV-fairs and -dealers, trying to figure out what kind of RV I like to live in. October 2015, I pulled the trigger and paid down and financed my current Winnebago Trend 23L, a 23 feet C-class Motorhome, and I am very happy with my choice since. I call it ‘my best purchase ever’.
To be “Free in my RV”, free from a stationary home and working online had been always my goal. Hopefully I will be enjoying many years of living and traveling with my RV. 

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