Power: https://wrec.net/service/
You can either call customer service at 352-567-5133 ext 6007 or you can apply online and someone would reach out to you today before 5pm. 
A non-refundable service connect charge of $40 is required for connection or transfer of an existing account. A new service connect charge is $65 and a temporary service is $125. A $5 Membership fee is applicable for new members.
Your service application will not be completed until you are contacted by a WREC customer service representative and have paid the required fees.
The main electrical breaker must be in the OFF position for WREC to connect service.
Junk Removal: 

Well Pump: "Frank" at 813 455 2124 - spoke to him Nov 13th, he quoted around $430 for full diagnostic with a new power panel installed (he test it with a generator). And about $2,100 for a new well pump installed. 
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