Wildcat Recreation Area

Seems to be a boondocking camp since I don’t see or find a way to pay an overnight fee. What a great view over the Lake E V Spence, a Colorado River basin, from this place! When I arrived I thought its a place just on another lake, but it obviously raises and falls with the Colorado river. There was nobody else and 100% silence. The campsites are located down near the river but I decided to stay up on the hill, 100 yards off the shoreline. Next morning uncovered that is was a smart decision because it rained half the night and the river raised overnight and the campsites and driveways down there were in same areas good one and a half foot under water, beside the very mushy, muddy driveways. I would had 100% get stuck down there and I am so lucky to decide to stay on the hill-side. The weather was not the best, drizzling rain all morning, only camera I was confident to take outside was my iPhone.