Tonopah Dispersed

Thanks to an other reviewer on Campendium I could find the entry. Once you are off from the little asphalt entry part the dirt road splits right away into 3 choices. It was dark when I arrived. I stopped on the asphalt entry and walked first the dirt road choices. That was a good idea because one is impossible with a deep dip, one has a somehow sudden bump up to a higher level and the 3rd was smooth going all the way in. So, I would recommend new arrivals to first walk before driving into a bad choice dirt road. Once in I drove about 500 yards. The campsites are like 50 feet wide dirt road. The main road seemed about 300 yards away and noice-level was low, with little traffic. I was the only camper here. It looked like fresh graded with a fine gravel. My AT&T prepaid cell phone had no Signal. My AT&T Netgear Hotspot had 4 bars signal but only 0.1 MBit speed, only good for text. My T-Mobile iPad had 4 bars and a decent 3 MBit speed.