Myakka River State Park
This time of the year it's been lucky to get a campsite in Florida. Today was one of those lucky days and I ended bicycling for the rest of the day in this beautiful park. The majestic Myakka River flows though 58 square miles of one of Florida’s oldest and largest parks.
Bowditch Point Park - Part 1
Bowditch Point Park - Part 2
North Jetty Park
Oscar Scherer State Park #1
Oscar Scherer State Park #2
Faver-Dykes State Park
It took a bit longer than 4 hours to drive with the RV from the Oscar Scherer State Park to this beautiful park near St. Augustine. It's my first time in this park and its absolutely peaceful with large and private campsites. The park just re-opened on June 10th, 2020 after the corona lockdown and  already in the 13th all camp sides seemed to be booked out. At first I tried to get a camp side in the Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine, a park I have stayed a couple times in the past years, but it was already fully booked out. After a hike on some wonderful trails in the woods, I noticed two ticks on my leg. Definitely a good idea to check your body for ticks if you stroll through bushes and trails. Verizon cell phone data reception has been excellent. 
Flagler Beach
With my new RV setup its different to venture out and explore the area. Basically unhook the pickup truck from the RV travel trailer and go anywhere. Today I decided to visit Flagler Beach. It was a pleasant day with the right mix of sunlight and a few clouds to limit the heat. I am always impressed of the unique color of the sand at this beach. It's like a pinkish beige. 
Washington Oaks Gardens State Park
After visiting the Flagler Beach I got pleasant surprised by the beauty of this park. Who would assume that such a beautiful, lush garden is located right next to the beach?  
St Augustine
I have visited St Augustine quite a few times in the past 20 years. Usually I like to stay at the Anastasia State Park, which is right between a beautiful, natural beach and the town of St Augustine. From there it is very easy to take a bicycle and explore the town. Many restaurants have re-opened ‘after’ Corona but honestly, my opinion,  it would not cross my mind to say yet ‘after’ and would not use crowded places or restaurants yet. The statistics shows over 1000 new infections per day in Florida and local governments  announce to re-open restaurants? While other countries, like China, or in Europe, lock down entire cities if they discover just a few ten new cases. But I assume that the Unites States don’t want to be slower in re-open places than Europe, regardless of the current Corona infection number statistics. 
Koreshan State Park
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